About Community of Realized Empowerment (CORE)

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We are looking to build our community of healers and life hackers!

CORE is an evolving community of individuals and organizations that support each other's empowerment. We aim to become a hub to connect folks so they can share skills, services, and products to help each other do it all, stay sane, keep our shit together, AND enjoy the journey.

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We believe in a holistic approach to wellness and honor the interconnectedness of the self and complex facets of our lives.

Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit

Work, Family, Relationships

Fulfillment, Community, Social Justice

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Personal Coaching

Under the CORE umbrella, we offer personal coaching services by Amanda Lubert. Her approach is based on Core Energy Coaching, developed by the Institute for Personal Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Amanda is passionate about helping people harness the power within to make sustainable changes that lead to a more empowered, meaningful, and overall happy life!