Personal Coaching

Personal coaching services by Amanda Lubert

I'm here to support you throughout the journey toward your most empowered and joyful life. My approach is based on Core Energy Coaching, developed by the Institute for Personal Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). I will help you learn how to redirect your energy to not only see possibilities, but begin to make constructive changes that will lead to continued success. 

I am passionate about helping others and hope to have the opportunity to be a positive force in your life!



My Coaching Process

How a Personal Coach Can Help 

(Hint: It's all about you)


Coaching Training: Energy Leadership Index | Master Practitioner


My Coaching Process

The power is already within you!

How a Personal Coach Can Help

Mountain crest, soft sun is setting, rocky crest and people are silhouetted. One person stands on the top, bends back, reaches a second person's hand. Person 2 is in a lunge as if ready to take that last step.

It's all about you!

A personal coach builds a partnership with you to ignite the creativity and productive energy that you already possess. They listen to your needs and pay attention to your communication style to form custom, results-oriented action plans. 

As we all know, it's easy to give up if no one's watching. A coach has your back, though. Unlike friends and family, they will hold you accountable and provide unbiased support to keep you on track to reach your goals. 

No matter how the new way of living looks to you—whether it's finding balance, tapping into your passions, or amping up your game in one or more areas of your life—a coach is your compassionate guide to sustain focus on daily changes for long-term results.