Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment

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Determine your baseline.

CORE offers an assessment called The Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) to hold up a mirror to your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities. It is a thorough questionnaire designed to capture a clear picture of your personal and professional situations, attitudes, and performance levels. 

Coach Amanda is a certified ELI Master Practitioner, which means she has trained to analyze your results. She can help you interpret your responses to tap into invaluable insights about yourself and how you navigate the world. While these findings are key to preparing for long-term coaching, you can take the assessment by itself and move forward independently.

Assessing Attitude Versus Personality

Attitude Assessments

Unlike personality assessments, the ELI does not pigeonhole a person into fixed categories or archetypes. Instead, it looks at current attitudes, and is based on the belief that we are capable of change. 

By using your baseline ELI with a coach, together, you can set goals to make shifts in your perspective, alter your consciousness, and increase your positive energy and effectiveness to live your best life. A coach will guide you toward growth beyond what you even imagined. And once you realize that your level of consciousness drives your actions, you can move from functioning effectively to functioning optimally.

Personality Assessments

Tests that identify strengths and weaknesses to determine personality slot individuals into categories that are thought to be unchangeable factors. This information is then used to suggest ways to adapt behavior to function most effectively—in a way that works best for those with specific labels.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® categorizes personality based on preferences, and looks at where individuals fall on the spectrum of introversion/extraversion, observation/intuition, thinking/feeling, judging/prospecting.

DiSC analyzes levels of dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness to determine personality. 

Harness the power of your own energy.

Does your energy motivate you or hold you back?

During your assessment and debriefing, you'll learn about how much energy you currently have in each range—catabolic—suppressing-to-anabolic—inspirational. 

Coach Amanda will show you how to navigate the way to higher performance. They will guide you to become your ideal image on a personal level, or in a leadership role in business, creative, or philanthropic efforts. The sky is the limit! 

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